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Published: 17th June 2015
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While looking for German Shepherds Puppies for sale California, you can find several breeders offering you promising puppies. However, you need to be very careful because you do not want an unhealthy or weak dog as your pet. You want to ensure that you are encouraging safe and ethical breeding practices. Unethical breeders or puppy farmers look at dogs as objects to make money. Their inhumane treatment of the dogs and their litter instill a permanent trauma in the puppies. This is why puppies from bad breeders are often weak and afraid.

Maintaining Pure Bloodline

Only ethical breeders can ensure that the puppy you are taking home is a pure bloodline German shepherd. Good breeders carefully select the dog parents to mate. The best people would only select champion dogs as parents. To be doubly sure, the right breeder also conducts several health tests on the parents. An unhealthy parent would give birth to diseased puppies. Even if the symptom of the disease may not be apparent as puppies, but as the dog grows up, the symptoms of ill health may begin to show. Always consult with the breeder about the parents before selecting the puppies from the litter. A good breeder would have all healthy German Shepherds puppies for sale Los Angeles, California. Therefore, you can select any male or female puppy of your favorite color you like at Wustenberger-Land.

Do not discard Reclusive Puppies

Even champion parents may have puppies that are shy and inactive. There may not be any inherent disease, but still a puppy may show lesser activity than others. This does not necessarily mean you have to reject the weak puppy. If you are an experienced dog owner, you must be confident of your abilities to train even an inactive puppy to be a great dog. The little beings just needs a little more than the usual love and affection. If you continue to put in your best efforts, you can actually be a proud owner of a dog that loves you a little more than other dogs. However, you should pick up a quiet and reclusive puppy only when you are sure about the extra effort you have to put.

It is a Big Responsibility

Before you buy from Wustenberger-Land German Shepherds puppies for sale California, you must be fully aware of the responsibilities that ensue. Bringing a dog home is about making a complete commitment to life-long attention to another living being. No other animals are as loyal and loving as dogs. Remember that your dog would see you as the best person in the world. Therefore, you need to be the person your dog thinks you are. Your dog is going to be the most valuable companion of your family, and especially yours. Only when you are confident of this responsibility, you should consider bringing home the dog.

The essential qualities of love and loyalty that dogs and humans can share is absent in unethical breeding. For the well-being of these amazing beings, unethical breeding must stop! Since there are no legal restrictions to prohibit such inhumane practices, the responsibility is up to dog lovers to stay away from the people who indiscriminately exploit the dogs. Make sure you are considering all aspects of selecting a dog from an ethical breeder.

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